Poetry Reading

May 31 at 6 pm — Poetry Reading

At the Webster Arboretum Gazebo | Bring your own chairs.

Kitty Jospé, retired French Teacher, art docent, has been moderating weekly poetry appreciation sessions since 2008 after receiving her MFA. She is known for her teaching enthusiasm, joyful presentations, inspiring collaborations demonstrating the uplifting power of art and word. Her work appears in numerous journals, and seven books.

Karen Faris works across the artistic spectrum and creates in order to escape the constraints of gravity. Whether she is making visual art, fabric, or performance art, words remain her constant in this rapidly changing world as she argues for a better, kinder, more compassionate planet. She lives in Rochester, NY where she continues to dream up new projects. She has been published in various journals, most recently in Variant Lit, and Does it Have Pockets. She will have an art installation at Tinker Park in September, 2024.


June 5 at 10 am — Composting 101

This workshop will provide instruction on how to be successful with home composting, including what can be composted, container types and trouble shooting. Once your scraps have been composted, you will receive ideas on how to best use this valuable resource. Plenty of time will be allotted for questions. The presenter is Barbara Cummings from the Wayne County Master Gardener Program. She is an expert on this topic and has presented at various forums in our area.

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