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Holiday Sale

Join us Saturday, December 4th from 9:00 am until noon for the annual Holiday Sale! A wide selection of holiday wreaths, arrangements, poinsettias, and gifts will be available for purchase.


Rochester’s Day of Caring – November 30th

The Webster Arboretum is a unique community park composed of walking trails, special plant collections and specimen trees and conifers. It has the unique distinction of being a popular spot for weddings and photo sessions yet remains that “hidden gem” to many in the Rochester area.

Maintaining such a large botanical garden presents a continuing number of natural challenges. Gardens need to be weeded, plantings need pruning. If nature is not kind, everything needs water. The Arboretum is blessed with the help of a number of volunteers who do that weeding, pruning and watering. If you think you might enjoy want to help in this manner, please visit our website and sign up to become a volunteer.

The Webster Arboretum Association looks to the community to remain our partner as we keep this “gem” beautiful and welcoming to everyone for years to come. Thanks for thinking of the arboretum! Come visit, the arboretum is open every day from dawn to dusk. Come breath in the beauty.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

Let’s Explore Webster! The Webster Arboretum in May

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